Reed Diffusers - Reeds or a Flower?

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Reed Diffuser Front Cover



My Reed Diffusers come with a choice of either traditional Reeds or a Paper Flower with a cord.  What is the difference I hear you ask and which is best?


My personal preference is the Flower.  I find that it gives off a stronger scent throw and you can still smell the fragrance long after your fragrance oils have evapourated.

The oils soak up the cord which is dipped in the oil and this in turn soaks into the paper flower. 

I also like the fact that it is not as tall as the reeds so if where you put your diffuser has a height restriction then the flower is ideal.

You still need to be careful that the flower does not touch any curtains or blinds as the oil will stain them but I think they look really pretty and a bit different to tradional reeds.

What is also fantastic about these is that you can purchase candle dye and put a drop or 2 in your fragrance oil and eventually as the oil soaks up the cord and into the flower the flower will change to that colour, ideal for colour co-ordinating your reed diffuser!


Please make sure that surfaces are protected as the oil will damage furniture if it comes into contact.