Small Business Of the Month - October

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I have always supported other women in business, and over the years I have purchased and used the services of many wonderful fellow small business owners.

Now that I have this website as a platform I have decided to focus on a small business once a month.


For my first month I have chosen OOSHASC which is ran by the amazing Mel Anderson over in Dollar.

OOSHASC stands for One Owned Should Have a Second Chance, you can find out more here 

OOSHASC have become more aware of the effect the fashion industry has had on the environment, and we like to think that we are offering a solution to conquering this pollution by offering quality preloved items for sale in the shop. 

Often, we have items of clothing sitting in our wardrobes that we do not wear, taking up valuable space. People also buy items for special occasions, finding that they only wear them once – always worried about being seen in the same outfit twice!
Very often, a purchased item is never worn and still hangs there with it’s tags on! Don’t let it lie in your wardrobe unused. Mel has the answer to your dilemma! Not only does she sell it for you, but by doing the same for many other people, she has a stock of items that you might find you like, at a fraction of the original price! Let her sell that lovely item of clothing for you. Let Mel help you make a little extra cash or get a good deal on an outfit – especially during these challenging times. OOSHASC is the bridge between buyers and sellers of quality clothing items – including shoes, occasion hats and handbags.
Find Mel here on Facebook Ooshasc by Mel Anderson | Facebook and contact her to make an appointment, where you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome!