Are you burning your candle the correct way?

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Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to burn your candle?

Read on to find out more...

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When you light a candle there really is a wrong way to do it, who knew??

Particularly on the first burn you need to be making sure that you have the time to keep it lit for at least 3 hours.

3 hours I hear you cry, that is a long time!!

There is a reason for this I promise!

When you first light a candle you want to leave it burning for this length of time because you want a full melt pool ( or near full) so that your candle doesn't 'tunnel'.  Smaller candles will give you a faster burn so may not need 3 hours.  A burning candle should never be left unattended anyway so keep an eye on it.  My candle tins need 3 hours at least on the first burn becasue they are 180g which is a lot of wax.

When your melt pool is full blow out the candle, and you will find that subsequent burns ensure that your wax melts evenly down the sides of the candle tin.  Subsequent burns may not need as long as the wax heats up quicker because there is less wax in the tin.

When you blow a candle out before the full melt pool is present you will find that 'tunnelling' happens (see below picture), this means that each burn from then on will just make the tunnel down the middle deeper and you will be wasting all that lovely scented wax on the outside, this also means that your candle will not last very long.

My tins will give you at least 30 hours burning time, they will give you a lot less if you burn them incorrectly.

It is also really important to trim the wick after each burn to around 5mm.  This ensures that the flame does not get too big, the bigger the flame the hotter the candle will get and the quicker it will burn off.  Trimming the wick also reduces soot and smoke.

Happy candle burning!!

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