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Hand poured with love, my wax melts are made with Rapeseed & Coconut wax and high quality fragrance oils  and nothing else.

They come in Glasseine Bags which are biodegradable.


If you prefer a more natural spa like melt then please check out my new Aromatherpy Oils Blend collection.

They are all long lasting but not over-powering, all you have to do is place a cube (or 2 if you like a stronger scent throw) into your wax warmer and wait for the scent to fill your room.

The Aromatherapy Melts come in a pack of 4 so use 1 at a time as they are quite big!

Ensure you are using a WAX warner and NOT an OIL burner.  Oil burners tend to be shorter in height, this means that the flame is closer to the melt which in turn means your wax gets hotter and the fragrance oil burns off more rapidly

Never leave a wax warmer unattended.

 If you are purchasing for a gift please choose the Gift Box option, the box can hold up to 3 melts.

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