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Avocado & Sea Salt Melts

Beasties Be Gone! Candle Tin and Melts

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Avocado & Sea Salt - A fresh, clean fragrance with notes of citrus, avocado and cucumber, leading into a heart of rose and lily with hints of sea salt resting on a bed of dried flowers.

The Range

6 boxed  'Bee' botanical Melts.


Beasties Be Gone!

The best insect repellant you will EVER smell! 

Containing 'Citrpel', a scientifically proven insect repellent which is made up of Essential Oils so is not only 100% effective but natural too!

Sweet and fresh, this fragrance is beautifully balanced between floral and woody notes with a hint of powder. This aroma is as refreshing as a stroll through a fragrant botanical garden. Containing both essential oils and materials derived from natural sources, this blend has a beautiful floral top note combined with the sweet citrus aroma of litsea cubeba. The aromatic crisp oil of peppermint blends beautifully with sensual patchouli and woody cedar notes.

The Range

A 180g Candle Tin - Ideal for outside just in case there is sgust of wind, no broken glass!  The tin is alluminium so can be re-used or re-cycled.

6 boxed  'Bee' botanical Melts