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Our Aromatherapy range uses only 100% pure essential oils.  

Our candles are hand poured to ensure that you get a fantastic heat throw from the first burn to the last and we only use sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax and cotton wicks that are designed for natural waxes and help to keep soot to a minimum.

Our melts are also made with pure 100% essential oils and rapeseed and coconut wax and contain dried natural botanicals.


Our diffusers are made with 100% pure essential oils and are mixed with a cruelty free, vegan-friendly base and will last for upto 12 weeks.

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Please note that it is the nature of a natural wax that when your candle sets after each burn, the top may not appear smooth. It is proof that the wax has no paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax or synthetic additives


Our diffusers have high quality oils and a base that is made to last approximatley 3 months.  To ensure your diffuser lasts here are a few tips.

* Do not place in direct sunlight

* Do not place on or near a heat source (ie radiator)

* Only flip the reeds for a scent boost, fliiping weekly will mean it will evapourate quicker

* Keep the stopper and seal when not in use, ie when you are away on holiday