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Our beautiful Ceramic Home Diffusers are made with high quality fragrance oils, designed to last, and a cruelty free and vegan-friendly base.

They will last you upto 3 months, and refills are also available and come with a new set of reeds or a flower.

Protect your surfaces from damage by using a Wax & Wix Natural Slate Coaster.

Please ensure you follow the care instructions below to ensure your Home Diffuser lasts as long as possible.

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Remove Stopper (keep so you can re-use when away on holiday)

Accidental spillage causes damage, always protect surfaces with a coaster (you can purchase a Wax & Wix Slate Coaster for £6)

Flip the reeds to refresh (this will cause the diffuser to run out quicker so only do this if needed)

Reeds are flammable, do NOT light

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Do not place in direct sunlight as this will cause the fragrance to evapourate quicker

Do not place on or near any heat source as this will also cause the fragrance to evapourate quicker.