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Our melts are made with high quality, cruelty free  and vegan friendly wax and oils and nothing else.

Our wax is a natural and sustainable and made with Rapeseed and Coconut.

Just one cube of melt is enough to give 6-8 hours of burn time.

Choose the 3 for £15 option for each of your chosen 3 scents to take advantage of the multi-buy offer.

Why not treat yourself to a beautiful Wax & Wix Wax Melter. Handmade in the UK, and unique to us here at Wax & Wix.

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Please ensure you use a wax melter and not an oil burner. Oil burners tend to be smaller, meaning that the flame is closer to the melt, this will cause the fragrance to burn off quicker.

Try to get a wax melter wiht an 8cm distance between the flame and the dish.